Your Diaphragm

The diaphragm is one of the largest muscles in your body, subconsciously operating continuously to enable your lungs to inhale and exhale.   It is also the only muscle that  can be activated consciously.  The only way to do this is by consciously focusing your mental attention to move your belly and gut in and out.

Although 45 other muscles are involved in the breathing process, the primary muscle is the diaphragm.  The importance of the diaphragm goes far beyond the physical activation of the lungs.  It also positively impacts your emotional stability, mental agility, physical prowess and spiritual awakening.  That is why it is called the gate to the heart by some and a spiritual muscle by others.

It is situated in the centre of our bodies, completely separating the thoracic and the abdominal cavity.

This amazing dome shaped muscle, which looks like a parachute or bell,  is not attached to any bone, thereby making it free to move as a powerful pump.  Like a parachute, it safely guides the flow of energy into our bodies.  Consciously activating it through Belly-Gut Breathing enhances your well-being in many ways.

It is common knowledge that the diaphragm pumps the lungs enabling them to balance oxygen and carbon dioxide for proper functioning of every cell in your bodies.   By massaging the heart and intestines, it is also vital to heart rate, posture and digestion among other functions.

The diaphragm not only grounds you, but when consciously activated, it brings universal core energy of life into your body.