What is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be consciously aware that one is actually dreaming and realize that no harm can come to them, no matter what is the subject matter of the dream.  Instead of running away, hiding or trying to defend oneself, the lucid dreamer simply confronts the ‘antagonist’ directly with perhaps a simple question, “can I help you?”   Lucid dreamers will confirm that this ‘antagonist’ will change into one of the most beautiful images the dreamer has ever witnessed and all other senses; 

be it vision, smell, hearing etc. may magnify greatly.  At the same time, the lucid dreamer has the ability to direct his or her dream in any direction desired.

We hypothesize that further research should reveal that movement of the diaphragm through conscious breathing into the belly increases Theta brain waves activating ‘lucid dreaming’.   Individuals would then ‘see’ his/her dream and fully live that dream breath by breath, moment to moment, minute by minute and day by day; knowing on the deepest level that any ‘emotional antagonist’ can do us no harm.

People Who Are Living Their Dreams Know The Importance of Breathing Fully

The smiles on their faces show their enthusiasm for life, successful accomplishments and feelings of fulfillment in their lives.