Wellness and Spirituality

Using Your Breath to Connect With God

“Then the LORD God . . . breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

All religions believe in the principle of God breathing life into man.  The word spirit derives from the Latin word, “spiritus“, which means breath.  The connection between our breath and spirituality has been recognized by different civilizations for thousands of years.

Discover how your breath will also neutralize emotional issues to feel more love for self and others.  We teach you to connect your breath with the intelligence of your gut.  As a spiritual compass, it will then guide you to a deeper connection with God.


Our Connection with God

Learn our Conscious Mindful (CM) Breathing and feel more closely connected to your Spiritual Being and thereby, expand the meaningfulness of your life.

By simply using your breath, experience a deeper blissful and joyful connection with God.

Our daily lives are often filled with stress, anxiety, guilt, shame and fears.  These conditions interfere with us attaining higher states of spiritual enlightenment.

Many people attend a church, synagogue, temple, mosque or spiritual centre to gain peace, understanding, advice and inspiration to cope with these issues.  Conscious Mindful Breathing enables a person to better understand the message of God and carry it into their daily lives – breath by breath.

Our Breathing Techniques increase emotional stability, physical wellness, mental alertness and spiritual growth by clearing out past emotional traumas and quickly reduces the negative impact of stress.

Conscious Breathing Techniques are proven to be more effective at restoring a sense of well-being and positive energy than many more complex approaches, including yoga, massage, counselling, meditation and Gestalt therapy.”       Ken Dychtwald Ph.D., SAGE Project, Berkeley CA.


Enhance Your Wellness and Spirituality Using Conscious Mindful (CM) Breathing Techniques

  • Promotes wellness by neutralizing your fears.
  • Enhances your self-esteem by eliminating guilt and shame.
  • Can be done ANYWHERE, especially while praying during service.
  • Can be done ANYTIME without interrupting other activities.
  • Our CM Breathing techniques benefit everyone and easily learned.
  • Can be used also at home to improve your family life.
  • Children benefit greatly from CM Breathing –  a special long-lasting gift for them indeed!

We look forward to discussing our Conscious Breathing Techniques and how they can enhance your services  and the daily lives of everyone.

Ask us about our fund raising opportunities for your organizations using  The Dolly Lammy and our training workshops.


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 “Join us to feel ‘inspired’ and shift from believing to feeling and ultimately ‘knowing’ God.”



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