"I love your product because breathing is the most important aspect of my chiropractic practice. Thank you for creating such a great product."

Dr. Marina Stoilov, Owner, Vancouver Chiropractor

"WOW!! You did it!! Congratulations. I talked to my speech-language pathologist colleague and we are wondering if you would want U.S representatives?  He LOVED The Dolly Lammy. Used it with my patients yesterday and had a breakthrough with one person!!"

Georgena  Eggleston M.A. Master Grief Practitioner

"I have been suffering from a chronic pain condition for 17 years. Part of my daily routine is to focus on my breathing. Having The Dolly Lammy in my home office reminds me to be aware of the breath and to take "breathing breaks" during my work day. I would recommend this to anyone."

 Dr. Scott

"As I was attending the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children Conference in Indianapolis this past weekend, I could not help but think that your product, The Dolly Lammy, should have been displayed and sold in the vendor area. It would have coincided so nicely with the information we received regarding current brain research and the teaching of self-regulation skills, first to teachers and then to children. As you can imagine, proper breathing techniques were a large part of that training, and your Dolly Lammy would have given a visual reminder to the teachers there who were learning to practice those self-regulation skills. I could definitely see the usefulness of teachers taking this visual prompt back to their classrooms to remind themselves and their students that deep breathing is an essential skill to calm the mind and body in order to prepare for learning. I would encourage you to make your product widely available to teachers of children of all ages, as well as child therapists, early interventionists, and pediatricians. In any field involving physical, mental, and emotional health, your Dolly Lammy would be a definite asset."

 Linda R. Taylor, LCSW Chair, School of Education Ivy Tech Community College North Central

"I am the proud owner of a sacred Dolly Lammy. Its message of (just breathe' is remarkable. I have placed this inspirational companion right by my computer, ensuring that we have eye contact. Every glance reminds me to not only (just breathe', but to breathe deeply, focus and stay positive. The Dolly Lammy definitely brings inner peace to my life!"

Covassin, Major Office Leasing Company

"Your Dolly Lammy is a celebrity in North Carolina."

Barbara Schauer, Yoga instructor, Weaverville Yoga Studio, N.C.

"Lammy came to class and sits by the door. Two people already have  had me copy the email address onto a post-it note so they can order > one. Tell Wilf Lammy is a celebrity in North Carolina. 🙂 "


"Thank you so much for sending these fine humans the Dolly Lammies.  Barbara has taken hers to her Yoga Studio and the info on how to get them. She has classes for teachers of school children and other groups so you may get some nice orders from this exposure. We shall remain hopeful. My cousin Laurie is ecstatic with her fuzzy pal.  She is a very overweight person who is having the other knee replaced so will take the Dolly with, when she goes in for surgery. What you have done is of great importance at this time in human history. As we say here in Hawaii ...Mahalo Nui Loa ...with aloha"

Jo Amsterdam

"I just want to say 'thank you’ for the Dollys.  They are sure to be a hit!"

Shira Shira Miller, M.D. Founder and Medical Director The Integrative Center for Health & Wellness - A Concierge Menopause and Anti-Aging Clinic

"Hi everyone A reminder to breathe from one of our patients who has created The Dolly Lammy company ....perfect Valentine's day gifts for the ones you love!"

Margaret O’Riley, VA

"Every morning I get up to see The Dolly Lammy on my nightstand and it makes me smile and reminds me to consciously breathe for a better day."

Rita Alexander

"Lifelines Facilitators Incorporated offers personal and interpersonal development training in a wide range of educational and corporate settings. What all of our participants have in common is some wish to learn how to live and work more consciously and effectively. What they all discover while pursuing this aim is that they have learned to hold or constrict their breath in particular ways when experiencing stress. Many of our participants have purchased Lammies and have found them to be very endearing and tangible reminders that conscious breathing can be a reliable source of support and well-being in the midst of challenge and an inspiring companion on the lifelong path of learning to live and love more consciously and compassionately."

Donna Gruhlke

 "Among all the fundraising options that come to us (such as chocolates, supplements, Tupperware, cosmetics, etc. none of which we can officially endorse, of course), I still feel The Dolly Lammy is the cutest and most appropriate."

Audrey McCulloch,  Relay For Life Coordinator Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division

"The Dolly Lammy sits on our reception desk and has become a fixture. The words "Just Breathe" are stenciled on one of its arms. It was interesting to note how our office staff use this Dolly Lammy to remind them how to relax and breathe in the stressful situations which often arise during the work day. Thank you for this wonderful Dolly and the reminder to breathe and relax."

Dr. Raymond Greenfeld, Certified Specialist in Endodontics

"The Dolly Lammy As a dental hygiene student I am under continual stress with my studies. I eventually developed insomnia and began taking sleeping pills to help me sleep at night. My Aunt gave me The Dolly Lammy to remind me to take "time outs" well I'm studying and focus a few minutes of my day to "Just Breathe". After a few weeks of concentrated breathing exercises (especially before bed) I was able to have a more restful sleep and stop any use of sleeping aids. My Lammy is a cute reminder to slow down and take care of myself. (She also lends a paw to holding cue-cards!)"

Britta Conn

“I think it is just the most adorable lamb in Canada as it reminds me to take a minute to breathe as it only take s a second to snap out of a bad or stressful situation. “

Jean-Pierre Cote

“Well, I have to tell you just how thrilled I was to meet The Dolly Lammy, when I was in Edmonton recently at the Sacred Movements workshop.  I love the look, feel and body language you captured, the labelling and packaging, is perfect.  They sold like hotcakes at the Movements workshop ...and I have a sense you are getting a similar reaction wherever you are selling.  Where can I direct people who would like to purchase them?”

Cherie Westmoreland

For more testimonials about the benefits that other people are experiencing from The Dolly Lammy's Belly-Gut Breathing, click here.