How do you make your body go?


Imagine your body as an automobile.

It’s a machine, with an engine and moving parts. You have a lot in common with this car. You both need fuel and maintenance. Your arms and legs are like the wheels. Your digestive system is like the gas tank. The wiring and the onboard computer is like a simplified version of your nervous system. And a car needs to be driven with care; neglect and misuse will cause damage and breakdowns.

What are you doing to keep the automobile in top condition? How do you make it go?

You know where we’re going with this: the diaphragm is like your gas pedal. It drives your respiratory system. It helps you to put more oxygen into your bloodstream. And if you give it the attention and exercise it needs, it will help ensure that your vehicle is always in good shape.
–The Dolly Lammy

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