School Stress & Benefits of Deep Breathing

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School Stress & Deep BreathingThe advantage of diaphragmatic breathing is the ease of its implementation. You just have to remember to breathe with your diaphragm, breathing down into your stomach when you breathe in, and then breathe up into your chest when you breathe out. You’re already breathing throughout the day (at least I hope you are), you just have to remember to breathe in the way that reduces stress. When changing your breath is all it takes to reduce stress, diaphragmatic breathing becomes the easiest solution for helping your kids deal with school stress.

Schools have become more and more stressful for your children. As colleges require more and more each year to get accepted: better grades, more extracurricular activities, and better test scores, it all adds up to a lot of stress for your kids. When they have sports practice, after school clubs, drama practice, volunteer work, piles of homework and reading, or all of the above, their afternoons and evenings are filled to the brim with stuff to do.

Often there’s no way to remove this stress from their lives. It’s necessary or at least helpful for getting into good colleges, and often they love doing their after school activities. But it’s a lot of work to keep up with it all. When they’re already balancing so much, fitting in de-stressing activities like watching shows on Netflix, funny videos on YouTube, video games, or just relaxing with music can feel like a chore when you have to budget that time in with everything else. De-stressing becomes stressful when you or your kids begin to worry that they’re spending too much time relaxing and not enough time on their projects.

Fitting in some new way to de-stress and relax can be incredibly challenging. Especially since most kids can’t be convinced to try yoga with you or take up meditation, which brings us right back to breathing with the diaphragm. It doesn’t require extra time or demand that they give up something else to reduce stress.

Along with reducing stress, diaphragmatic breathing can also help them improve at their activities. It will definitely help your athletic kids as it provides more oxygen to the muscles and removes carbon dioxide from the body more efficiently, improving their physical capabilities and reducing their stress at the same time. Better breathing can improve their vocal performances in plays or choir, their speeches in debate club or leadership, and allow them to de-stress while they’re studying.

Adjusting from the way most everyone breathes is much like starting any new, healthy habit: it takes some time and you have to remember to do it every day. And that’s where the Dolly Lammy comes in. It’s a reminder tool. After so many reminders, it becomes natural to breathe diaphragmatically.

And while it might be a challenge in and of itself to get your kids to use the Dolly Lammy as a way to change their breathing faster, the benefits of breathing right should become apparent to them. Maybe you can convince them to keep the reminder in their room, on their desk, in the hall, or in the bathroom to remind them to breathe right when they wake up in the morning and right before they go to sleep at night. It might be a challenge but you can try to get them to keep the Dolly Lammy in their car at school or in their locker to remind them in between classes to just breathe with their stomachs and to breathe the stress away throughout the day.

And that’s really all it takes. The first steps towards reduced stress and healthier breathing. Reminders from the Dolly Lammy throughout the day to breathe in, tummy out – breathe out, tummy in will put your kids on the path to breathing right and reducing their day to day stresses at school.

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  1. It is high time for all of us to banish stress from our life and get attached with the benefits of deep breathing to lead a healthy life.

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