The Founders

Darlene Brandell and Wolfgang (Wilf) Schareck

When Darlene and Wilf first met, it became apparent that they both had very special coping skills.  They were able to move through each day honoring and respecting the blessings and sometimes the hardships that come with life.

Darlene has a banking background and used that knowledge to establish and run a very successful dental practice.  Darlene has also taken time to be a mother and grandmother and along the way has taken many courses in yoga and meditation.

Wilf is a successful real estate agent.  However, he prefers to describe himself as someone working towards a PHD in life.  Wilf's passion for living to his fullest potential has led him to

   *  become a senior student with Grandmaster Raymond Chung in the Yang style of Tai Chi,

   *  earn a certificate from UBC in Peer Counselling,

   *  complete the Excellence Series of Context Training,

   *  own and operate a number of different businesses,

   *  take many breathing, meditation and conflict resolution courses,

   *  become a member of IBF (International Breathwork Foundation) and

   *  play many sports at a high level and is still an active golfer today.



Both Darlene and Wilf realized that they were able to live life to the fullest by always appreciating the beauty that surrounds them each day, work to do their best in all activities and learn skills to help them reduce stress.After many discussions of how to live a meaningful, healthy, positive and productive life, they realized that activating the diaphragm to breathe more effectively was the foundation of their coping skills.

Since this simple technique works so effectively for themselves, they decided to create a tangible visual aide that could be a symbol and teaching tool for anyone to fully exercise their diaphragm doing Conscious Mindful Breathing.  It would also serve as a constant reminder to breathe this way as often as possible.

Darlene had a little plush lamb that had been given to her by a close friend at the time of the tragic and sudden death of her husband.  It reminded her constantly of what she had rather then what she had lost.  It also became the catalyst for the creation of The “lovable” Dolly Lammy.

They formed The Dolly Lammy Breathing Company Inc. to share their vision to help everyone consciously activate their diaphragm by doing Conscious Mindful Breathing.  Their ultimate goal is to help everyone heal themselves on all levels and live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

"We hope that every time you look at your Dolly Lammy, it will bring a smile to your face, warmth to your heart and inspire you to BREATHE."

Darlene and Wilf,  Founders


Henry Urion

Henry has always been strongly motivated his whole life to discover new ways of doing anything better, especially when it relates to his and others health.  This desire led him to become a certified Transformational Breath worker.  Judith Kravitz trained him 20 years ago and he has coached hundreds of people individually and in groups.  Henry has observed that Conscious Mindful Breathing can produce profound improvements in people’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Henry learned Transcendental Meditation in 1979 which he has been doing consistently ever since.  He credits this technique in maintaining his mental and physical health while working as a marketing and EDP consultant in the stressful high tech industry. He was the senior marketing manager for a $100 million software company, which required him to design and implement business information systems and train hundreds of sales reps around the world.

In 1987, however, he experienced a severe near death “knock-down” after consuming some fish in a Bahamian restaurant which contained the deadly ciguatera neurotoxin.  In the mid 90’s, he discovered the power of Conscious Breathing which helped him to fully recover from this setback.


Henry's eclectic work experience also includes:

   *  Raising almost a million dollars for non-profit organizations involved in important socio-economic, environmental and political issues.

   *   Marketing an all-natural skin care products made from sea salts and fruit, nut and herbal oils, resulting in a customer base of over 40,000 people. 

   *  Training over 20 teams of people to market health product at trade shows, retail outlets and health care professional practices.

   *  Developing and teaching a simplified self-help course in clinical Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) for anyone to learn how to make better choices regarding food consumption and other lifestyle health issues.

There are no accidents in life.  Meeting Wilf and joining The Dolly Lammy Team to promote awareness of the BG Breathing technique fulfills their core belief and desire to improve people’s lives in profoundly simple ways.  Henry is excited and committed to help our Dolly Lammy team fulfill its mission of enlightening everyone about the extraordinary benefits of consciously activating the diaphragm using Belly-Gut Breathing and reminding them to do it often every day.

Henry Urion