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The Dolly Lammy's Belly-Gut Breathing

“We are completely enchanted with The Dolly Lammy.  Even one of your inspirational lambs are greatly appreciated.  I personally do mindful breathing in my class with chimes and have found that it makes a difference with stress reduction and better concentration. I'm sure The Dolly Lammy adds even more interest to my program as even the coolest of my grade 6's has confessed to still sleeping with his stuffy!”

Donatella Clignon (on behalf of Nancy Bennett, Principal) Teacher-Librarian Montgomery Middle School

“The Dolly Lammy provides a sweet reminder that there is an immediate and intelligent response to every challenge that comes my way and the notion that many others are holding this loving reminder is an inspiration. Freedom is no more than a breath away. “

Donna Gruhlke

“What a difference The Dolly Lammy has made in my life! Being a constant reminder of conscious breathing, I am now aware of the initial tendency to hold my breath during stressful moments throughout each day and the negative effect that practice has. Breathing through it is a much better solution. This is a cute and simple aid to better overall health.”


“Since I purchased my Dolly Lammy and brought this special friend into my home, I have had more peace in my life...truly. Dolly Lammy has added a wonderful positive vibes to my apartment, quietly, gently, just by being here with me. “


“The Dolly Lammy sits on our reception desk and has become a fixture. The words "Just Breathe" are stenciled on one of its arms. It was interesting to note how our office staff use this Dolly Lammy to remind them how to relax and breathe in the stressful situations which often arise during the work day. Thank you for this wonderful Dolly and the reminder to breathe and relax.”

Dr. Raymond Greenfeld, Certified Specialist in Endodontics