Benefits of Belly-Gut Breathing

Kids & Family

dolly lammy_icons-02Anxiety and Toddlers

Toddlers are just beginning to figure out their own emotions and feelings. They’re learning they are separate from mom and dad. For many toddlers this is overwhelming and can lead to anxiety and unsettling behavior such as tantrums, hitting, acting out, and more.

It’s heart-breaking to see your child’s anxiety and resulting behaviors. But there are simple things you can do to help.

Introducing simple breathing techniques such as Belly-Gut (BG) Breathing or breathing with the tummy can help.

Try teaching this:

Breathe in….tummy out. Breathe out…tummy in.

It’s so simple that toddlers can pick it up with direction and encouragement. Taking time out several times a day to take some slow deep breaths can make a world of difference.

Teaching children the value of the breath at an early stage of life will empower them for the rest of their lives. Connecting with the breath is a tremendous source of strength and calm. It can provide children the courage to face any challenge with clarity and purpose.

The hard part for both parents and kids is remembering.

The “lovable” Dolly Lammy is a perfect visual cue for toddlers. Its large belly and relaxed posture serves as a friendly reminder to children to take a few deep breaths.
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dolly lammy_icons-03Stress Management for Kids

Growing up can be full of pressures and overwhelming for kids. Despite best efforts of parents and teachers there’s no way to eliminate stress from a child’s life.

Most kids will not reach out directly to parents about what’s bothering them but they do want their parents and teachers to proactively offer tools and resources.

It’s not always easy to know what to do. However a simple and effective solution is teaching BG breathing.

It’s simple to teach:

Breathe in…tummy out. Breathe out…tummy in.
Simple, right?

A series of slow deep breaths can be a powerful, and simple, stress management tool for kids.

The hard part for kids is remembering – especially during moments of high stress.

The Dolly Lammy, with its large belly and relaxed posture, serves as a visual reminder to breathe into your Belly-Gut area.  Learn more about this powerful stress management tool for kids and get your Lammy today.

dolly lammy_icons-04Stress Management for Teens

Due to hormonal changes and the pressures of “fitting in” it can be argued that teens experience higher levels of stress than many adults.  Teens that don’t effectively manage their stress can become anxious, withdrawn, become physically sick, or can turn to alcohol and drug use.

On the other hand, teens that develop tools to cope with stress are more likely to grow into well-adjusted and happy adults.

Stressed teens revert to a “fight or flight” state. This means a faster heart and breathing rate, uneven blood flow, and more. Deep BG breathing can flip the switch and bring about a sense of calm. This relaxed state can empower teens to make better decisions and lead a more fulfilled life.

Teaching a teen to breathe effectively is simple to do:

Breathe in…tummy out. Breathe out…tummy in.

It’s simple.

But what’s simple isn’t always easy to remember. This is where The Dolly Lammy steps in. It serves as a brilliant visual cue for your teen to take a few slow deep breaths. Placing it on the night stand, computer, or anywhere else they spend a lot of time will remind them of this simple stress management technique.

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dolly lammy_icons-05College Students and Stress

College is stressful.

Tuition continues to rise.  Student loans bury many students even before they graduate. A slow economy doesn’t help either.  Add to that the social pressures of dating, work, and fitting in and you have a perfect storm of stress and anxiety.

Too much stress can lead to emotional and health problems.  The American College Association found that 37.4 percent of students seek help for severe psychological problems. Many of these issues stem from too much stress.

Although professional help is often needed there other simple solutions available.  Breathing effectively using the diaphragm is a valuable tool that college students can use at any time.

The Dolly Lammy serves as a visual reminder.  Its big belly and relaxed posture remind students to stop for a moment and take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Learn more and get The Dolly Lammy for the college student in your life.

Conscious Breathing for Classrooms

Studies have clearly shown that anxiety and stress have a lot of negative effects on the body and mind, especially in young people. In kids, stress has been linked to behavioural problems, low self-esteem and concentration, and absenteeism.  In students of all ages, stress can cause even more serious medical problems. The ability to manage stress is absolutely critical to students’ present health and future success.

The use of relaxation techniques is becoming ever more popular in classrooms around the world and key to these techniques is deep, conscious breathing.  Diaphragmatic breathing is already in use in medical practice as a method for reducing stress and mitigating its health effects.  For students, it can bestow lifelong coping skills.  Help a student in your life improve their health and well-being today: give them a Dolly Lammy to remind them to breathe, and breathe right, using the Belly-Gut Breathing technique often.

One thing all living human beings have in common is breathing. Breath is the essence of life. Breathing is so automatic that we never think much about it until something gets in the way of our breathing. It is so simple, yet most people do it wrong….The basic principles are to inhale slowly and deeply, filling your lungs as completely as possible, and then to exhale the same way, expelling all the waste products and distributing the oxygen you’ve retained. This kind of breathing also works the diaphragm and consequently, massages several internal organs.

from Study Smarter, Not Harder, Kevin Paul, MA, Page 40-41

Wellness & Spirituality

iconsBreathe Away Your Stress and Change Your Life
Belly-Gut (BG) breathing is the healthiest way for the body to take in oxygen. It’s often used as a treatment for anxiety disorders, as well as stress, which can make you more susceptible to illness.

Adding conscious BG breathing to your daily schedule can help with focus, memory, give you extra energy, strengthen your immune system and reduce stress.  De-stressing can be hard for most people, but it’s a lot easier with a Dolly Lammy by your side as a constant visual reminder to just breathe.


Breathing and Sleep
Getting enough sleep key in staying healthy, but it can be hard to keep to a sleep schedule if you suffer from insomnia, or if you’re busy, sick or simply stressed.  We’ve all spent a few nights worrying rather than sleeping, and sometimes it’s impossible to put the stress away and rest.   There are also many medical conditions that can affect your sleep patterns, like depression and anxiety.  Inadequate sleep can affect concentration and job performance, impact memory and make it hard to maintain relationships when your mood takes a nose-dive.

The good news?  Many or all of these problems can be alleviated by remembering to breathe, deeply, consciously using the Belly-Gut Breathing technique on a regular basis.  And having a Dolly Lammy around is a great way to remind yourself to do just that.  Let The Dolly Lammy help you get a better night’s sleep.

Work & Business

We Can Help You Solve Office Stress!
A recent report by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that unscheduled absenteeism is at its highest rate since 1999.  One in three Canadians feel that they are constantly under stress, trying to accomplish more than they can handle.

That absenteeism costs an average of $602 per employee in direct and indirect expense, such as overtime, temporary staffing, missed deadlines, lost sales, lowered morale and lowered productivity.

Stress is the main reason employees exhibit lack of energy and concentration, poor memory, anxiety, fear, anger and depression.  So what is a business owner or human resources professional to do?   With one eye on your employees and one eye on the bottom line, you’re probably feeling a bit of stress yourself.

The most effective tool in combating stress is deceptively simple: Belly-Gut (BG) Breathing.  It is simple, free and works for everyone.  We just have to remember to breathe effectively and frequently.  And our Dolly Lammy, reminding people to Belly-Gut Breath, is perfect to help your company solve office stress in a most direct and least cost effective way.

Think outside the box and consider the Dolly Lammy’s BG Breathing as the solution to your workplace stress problems.  And while you’re at it, check out our video, Bob and The Dolly Lammy, for more reasons why Belly-Gut Breathing is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Breathe Your Way to Success

Did you know that some of the world’s most successful business people engage breathing instructors to teach them how to breathe correctly? Top experts suggest that one of the commonest reasons for exhaustion and low productivity is taking too-rapid breaths. When you breathe properly, it’s much easier to stick to a calmer lifestyle, focus on your work and even manage your time better.  Correct breathing promotes energy, productivity, performance and concentration, which can make you and your business more successful over time. But the key to correct breathing is remembering to focus on your breath and breathe into your belly and gut area, and The Dolly Lammy is the perfect reminder.

Health & Fitness

iconsBreathing Deeply is Better for Your Body
We all start out breathing correctly, as infants: deeply, fully, and with our bellies.  But as we grow up we tamp down, hold it in, and take shallower breaths from our chests.  Shallow breathing is not as effective at helping our bodies take in oxygen, and low blood oxygen can contribute to health problems like anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, migraines, stomach problems, back problems and even some forms of cancer.  Shallow chest breathing also does little to mitigate chronic stress, which has been directly linked to any number of illnesses, including clinical depression.

When you breathe correctly, using Belly-Gut (BG) Breathing (in through the nose, out through the nose, focusing on allowing your belly to expand out on the inhale and inward on the exhale),  you take in more oxygen, reduce stress and promote better overall health.  Most chronic health problems can be alleviated using conscious Belly-Gut breathing.

The challenge?  Remembering to fight a lifetime of bad reflexes.  Fortunately, there’s an answer: The Dolly Lammy, with “Just Breathe” on its arm, can help you remember to breathe deeply, correctly into your belly and get you on the road to better health.

Stomp out Stress with Deep BG Breathing
Stress is everywhere and it ranges from a minor annoyance to a chronic problem.  Chronic stress can lead to serious medical issues, including cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, higher blood sugar and a weaker immune system.

What’s the quickest, easiest way to help stomp out stress in the moment?  Taking a deep, focused breath  into your belly.  This allows your diaphragm to easily pump more air into your lungs.  But it’s hard to remember to breathe this way, because most of us breathe more shallowly, using the chest, assuming we can remember to focus on our breathing at all. Fortunately, the Dolly Lammy is here to help you to remember to breathe right, right when you need it.

dolly lammy_icons-01Stopping Stress During Pregnancy

For many women nothing is more important than birthing a healthy and happy child.  A low stress lifestyle during pregnancy is key to having the healthiest baby possible.

However, there is no way to completely avoid stress.  Simply being pregnant brings about a wide range of emotions from unbridled excitement to feelings of being completely overwhelmed – and everything in between.  These emotional swings tax the body.  Add in the day to day stresses of work, sitting in traffic, family responsibilities.  There is no way to avoid stress.

Effective Belly-Gut breathing can help.  It serves as a valuable relaxation tool as you progress through your pregnancy.  Slow rhythmic BG breathing helps the diaphragm to regulate the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It slows the heart rate, eases anxiety and makes sure your bloodstream carries the ideal amount of nutrients throughout your body – and that of your baby’s.

BG breathing can be done at any time.  No yoga mat, quiet room or therapist office needed.  All you need to do is consciously focus.  The challenge is remembering.

Breathing affects your respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, muscular, and psychic systems and also has a general effect on your sleep, your memory, your energy level, and your concentration. Everything you do, the pace you keep, the feelings you have and the choices you make are influenced by the rhythmic metronome of your breath.

from The Breathing Book, Donna Farhi, Introduction xiv



Athletes know that conscious breathing is a critical part of their success.

Notice the fully engaged breathing of the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt as he wins the 100 meter sprint in multiple Olympics.





The Dolly Lammy was created to serve as a visual cue to remember Belly-Gut BREATHING.  Learn more here.

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