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Conscious Mindful (CM) Breathing is the healthiest way for the body to take in oxygen.  It’s often used as a treatment for anxiety disorders, as well as stress, which can make you more susceptible to illness.

Adding conscious CM Breathing to your daily schedule can help with focus, memory, give you extra energy, strengthen your immune system and reduce stress.  De-stressing can be hard for most people, but it’s a lot easier with a Dolly Lammy by your side as a constant visual reminder to ‘just breathe’.

Breathing and Sleep
Getting enough sleep is key in staying healthy, but it can be hard to keep to a sleep schedule if you suffer from insomnia, or if you’re busy, sick or stressed.  We’ve all spent a few nights worrying rather than sleeping, and sometimes it’s impossible to put the stress away and rest.  There are also many medical conditions that can affect your sleep patterns, like depression and anxiety.  Inadequate sleep can affect concentration and job performance, impact memory and make it hard to maintain relationships when your mood takes a nose-dive.

The good news?  Many or all of these problems can be alleviated by remembering to breathe, deeply, consciously using the Conscious Mindful Breathing technique on a regular basis.  And having a Dolly Lammy around is a great way to remind yourself to do just that.  Let The Dolly Lammy help you get a better night’s sleep.


The connection between breath and spirituality has been recognized by different civilizations for thousands of years.  The word spirit derives from the Latin word, “spiritus“,  which means  breath or  breath of  god.

Your breath is your direct connection to the spiritual dimension of your Being.  In fact, your spirit is your breath of life which “inspires” you as long as you are breathing.  The term “expire” comes from the the Latin word, “expirare/exspirare”, representing exhalation.  When one breathes out his last breath, his “spirit” has left his body and he dies.

Therefore, be mindful of your breath as a powerful connection to the space of your Being beyond your corporal human body, and some would say, to God.  Many people, including members of our Dolly Lammy Team, have felt extraordinary spiritual experiences using the full connected Dolly Lammy’s Conscious Mindful Breathing technique.  With consistent practice, you will be awed and inspired by the powerful joyful insights you will see and feel your connection with all parts of the universe.


The Dolly Lammy feels at home at the

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Meditation Garden

founded by Paramahansah Yogananda in Pacific Palisades, California



The Dolly Lammy was created to serve as a visual aide to remember Conscious Mindful Breathing.