dolly lammy_icons-05College Students and Stress

College is stressful.

Tuition continues to rise. Student loans bury many students even before they graduate.  A slow economy doesn’t help either.  Add to that the social pressures of dating, work, and fitting in and you have a perfect storm of stress and anxiety.

Too much stress can lead to emotional and health problems.  The American College Association found that 37.4 percent of students seek help for severe psychological problems. Many of these issues stem from too much stress.

Although professional help is often needed there other simple solutions available.  Breathing effectively using the diaphragm is a valuable tool that college students can use at any time.

The Dolly Lammy serves as a visual reminder.  Its big belly and relaxed posture remind students to stop for a moment and take a couple of deep cleansing breaths.  Learn more and get The Dolly Lammy for the college student in your life.

Conscious Breathing for Classrooms

Studies have clearly shown that anxiety and stress have a lot of negative effects on the body and mind, especially in young people.  In kids, stress has been linked to behavioural problems, low self-esteem and concentration, and absenteeism.  In students of all ages, stress can cause even more serious medical problems.  The ability to manage stress is absolutely critical to students’ present health and future success.
The use of relaxation techniques is becoming ever more popular in classrooms around the world and key to these techniques is deep, conscious breathing.  Diaphragmatic breathing is already in use in medical practice as a method for reducing stress and mitigating its health effects.  For students, it can bestow lifelong coping skills.  Help a student in your life improve their health and well-being today: give them a Dolly Lammy to remind them to breathe, and breathe right, using the Conscious Mindfult Breathing technique often.

One thing all living human beings have in common is breathing. Breath is the essence of life. Breathing is so automatic that we never think much about it until something gets in the way of our breathing. It is so simple, yet most people do it wrong….The basic principles are to inhale slowly and deeply, filling your lungs as completely as possible, and then to exhale the same way, expelling all the waste products and distributing the oxygen you’ve retained. This kind of breathing also works the diaphragm and consequently, massages several internal organs.

from Study Smarter, Not Harder, Kevin Paul, MA, Page 40-41

The Dolly Lammy was created to serve as a visual aide to remember Conscious Mindful Breathing.  Learn more here.