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dolly lammy_icons-02Anxiety and Toddlers

Toddlers are just beginning to figure out their own emotions and feelings. They’re learning they are separate from mom and dad. For many toddlers this is overwhelming and can lead to anxiety and unsettling behavior such as tantrums, hitting, acting out, and more.

It’s heart-breaking to see your child’s anxiety and resulting behaviors. But there are simple things you can do to help.

Introducing simple breathing techniques such as Conscious Mindful (CM) breathing or breathing with the tummy can help.

Try teaching this:

Breathe in….tummy out. Breathe out…tummy in.

It’s so simple that toddlers can pick it up with direction and encouragement. Taking time out several times a day to take some slow deep breaths can make a world of difference.

Teaching children the value of the breath at an early stage of life will empower them for the rest of their lives. Connecting with the breath is a tremendous source of strength and calm. It can provide children the courage to face any challenge with clarity and purpose.

The hard part for both parents and kids is remembering.

The “lovable” Dolly Lammy is a perfect visual cue for toddlers. Its large belly and relaxed posture serves as a friendly reminder to children to take a few deep breaths.
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dolly lammy_icons-03Stress Management for Kids

Growing up can be full of pressures and overwhelming for kids. Despite best efforts of parents and teachers there’s no way to eliminate stress from a child’s life.

Most kids will not reach out directly to parents about what’s bothering them but they do want their parents and teachers to proactively offer tools and resources.

It’s not always easy to know what to do. However a simple and effective solution is teaching CM breathing.

It’s simple to teach:

Breathe in…tummy out. Breathe out…tummy in.
Simple, right?

A series of slow deep breaths can be a powerful, and simple, stress management tool for kids.

The hard part for kids is remembering – especially during moments of high stress.

The Dolly Lammy, with its large belly and relaxed posture, serves as a visual reminder to breathe into your belly-gut area.  Learn more about this powerful stress management tool for kids and get  your Lammy today.

dolly lammy_icons-04Stress Management for Teens

Due to hormonal changes and the pressures of “fitting in” it can be argued that teens experience higher levels of stress than many adults. Teens that don’t effectively manage their stress can become anxious, withdrawn, become physically sick, or can turn to alcohol and drug use.

On the other hand, teens that develop tools to cope with stress are more likely to grow into well-adjusted and happy adults.

Stressed teens revert to a “fight or flight” state. This means a faster heart and breathing rate, uneven blood flow, and more. Deep CM Breathing can flip the switch and bring about a sense of calm. This relaxed state can empower teens to make better decisions and lead a more fulfilled life.

Teaching a teen to breathe effectively is simple to do:

Breathe in…tummy out. Breathe out…tummy in.

It’s simple.

But what’s simple isn’t always easy to remember. This is where The Dolly Lammy steps in. It serves as a brilliant visual cue for your teen to take a few slow deep breaths. Placing it on the night stand, computer, or anywhere else they spend a lot of time will remind them of this simple stress management technique.

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The Dolly Lammy was created to serve as a visual cue to remember Conscious Mindful Breathing.