Who is the Dolly Lammy

Hi I'm The Dolly Lammy

Hi, I’m The Dolly Lammy.

And I want to remind you to use the power of your breath

If you’re looking for a powerful stress management tool then you’re in luck!

I would like to share with you the many benefits of breathing with the diaphragm.

Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the best and simplest ways to combat stress. The problem is even if this practice is well known, it is easily forgotten or overlooked in moments of stress.

This is where I come in. I am the solution to that problem.

My customers explain it best:

“I am the proud owner of a sacred Dolly Lammy. Its message of ‘just breathe’ is remarkable. I have placed this inspirational companion right by my computer, ensuring that we have eye contact. Every glance reminds me to not only ‘just breathe’ but to breathe deeply, focus, and stay positive. The Dolly Lammy brings me inner peace.”

-C. Covassin, Major Office Leasing Company

What is the most effective way to breathe?

The most effective way to breathe is by activating the diaphragm. Diaphragmatic breathing is the simple act of breathing in and out of the tummy.

One of the largest muscles in the body, the diaphragm sits underneath the lungs and separates the chest from the abdomen. When we breathe into our tummy, the diaphragm moves downward, expanding the lungs to take in the greatest amount of oxygen, fueling every cell in the body.

When we breathe out by pulling in our tummy, the diaphragm pushes the lungs up, expelling the maximum amount of carbon dioxide.

An easy way to think about it is:

Breathe in….tummy out.
Breathe out…tummy in.

Breathing this way maximizes the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Expanding the lungs insures optimal oxygenation of cells throughout the body, slows the heart rate to help maintain focus, improve memory and reduce stress.

“A few nice deep breaths can be relaxing and is a quick and easy stress reliever. So easy that you can do this anytime and anywhere. When you do breathing exercises you will be less stressed and able to handle situations more easily.”

-Marianne Ross, PH.D.

Diaphragmatic deep breathing reduces stress.

Stress triggers changes in the body that can make you more likely to get sick, or make existing ailments worse.

Stress contributes to:

    • Lack of energy and concentration
    • Memory loss
    • Increased anxiety
    • Depression
    • Weight gain or loss
    • Heart problems

…and more!

De-stressing is a challenge for most people, but deep diaphragmatic breathing can help reduce stress and relax with ease.

How do I, The Dolly Lammy remind you to breathe?

It’s simple really.

As a visual aide or cue, I am the missing link between breathing with the diaphragm and remembering to breathe this way as often as possible.

My big belly will prompt you to activate your diaphragm and with the phrase ‘just breathe’ on my arm, I will remind you to practice effective breathing whenever you can, wherever you are….as an added benefit my head is up, my back is straight, my shoulders are down and my arms are relaxed, as good posture supports greater lung capacity.

Place me somewhere that you, and your family, will see me throughout the day. I am small enough to take anywhere but large enough to catch your eye. I can sit next to your computer, night stand, the dashboard of the car, in your purse, or …. you get the idea.

As your visual aide, place me anywhere you need help or just want support in living your best life. Each time you see me, think about activating your diaphragm with your next breath.

That’s it!

“What a difference The Dolly Lammy has made in my life! Being a constant reminder of conscious breathing, I am now aware of the initial tendency to hold my breath during stressful moments throughout each day and the negative effect that practice has. Breathing through it is a much better solution. This is a cute and simple aid to better overall health. Many thanks.”

-Claudia C
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Allow me, The Dolly Lammy to remind you.

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