The Dolly Lammy Attends the International Breath Foundation (IBF) in Austria

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The Dolly Lammy attends the International Breath Foundation (IBF) Conference in Reinchenau, Austria

IBF attendees loved The Dolly Lammy and many recognized the important role he can play in reminding people to “Just Breathe”.  He is your visual aide to use the power of your breath.   Wolfgang Schareck explained the symbolism of the various features of The Dolly Lammy in a presentation at the conference.




“The Dolly Lammy has become my teacher to study and practice life while here on earth in my body.

The Dolly Lammy does this very simply for me.

Its uplifted head, relaxed shoulders and straight back, reminds me that good posture promotes healthy breathing and living.

Its neutral face with the black head and white body reminds me by balancing my yin and yang energies, I balance my ego and enables me to leave it outside before I enter someone else’s home.

Its white body and white arms teach me to be pure of heart and action with everyone I touch.

Looking at its RIGHT arm with the message of “Just Breathe”, I am reminded that to live life to the fullest is simply to breathe in the RIGHT way for ME and me alone.

Its expanded gut and belly reminds me to focus my mind on that part of my body and move it in and out, which activates the up and down movement of the diaphragm with every breath I take.

After all, it is one of the largest muscles in the body used strictly for breathing.

When I look at its black feet, I am reminded to always be grounded to Mother Earth with every step I take.

The black and white of the ears remind me to always keep my mind wide open and listen to the sounds of the universe.  This helps me to share the message of The Dolly Lammy with others who might care to listen.

The big ears also remind me to always speak with loving intent and integrity, as I never know who might be listening.

When I see the complete body with its big tummy, I feel the lamb of God in the body of Christ, the shepherd. Since Christ studied with the Buddhist in Tibet while here on earth, I balance in my heart the principles of the western and eastern philosophies that these wise sages taught us to live by while here on earth.

When I touch the Dolly’s body and feel the many pellets inside, I am reminded to celebrate with loving intention every single cell in MY body.

And finally, when I reflect on the name The Dolly Lammy, it reminds me that the name is a play on words to describe a child’s toy.  I recognize that in order to heal on all levels I need to connect fully with my innocent child within with unconditional love.

It is our vision that The Dolly Lammy be an effective reminder for everyone to ‘Just Breathe’ and also as a symbol connecting all breath workers worldwide.

Together, The Dolly Lammy and our company is all about the DIAPHRAGM MOVEMENT, and if you see merit in our message, we would be honored if you joined us on this exciting journey of life.”

Wolfgang Schareck

Co-creator of The Dolly Lammy and Co-founder of The Dolly Lammy Breathing Company


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