Deep breathing the best for Seniors

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In his book  Bodymind, Psychologist Ken Dychtwald, PhD. as a co-director of SAGE, the highly acclaimed health center for the elderly explains it this way:

“I and others experimented with a variety of growth techniques and practices in an attempt to revitalized the minds and bodies of older men and women. Among the practices that we experimented with were relaxation training, electromyograph biofeedback, deep breathing, hatha yoga, bodymind awareness exercises, massage, Feldenkrais exercises, individual counselling, meditation, T’ai Chi, music therapy, and Gestalt therapy. After the first year of practice and research we interviewed the participants about which techniques seemed to be most effective for each of them in the restoration of emotional energy, physical well-being, and feelings of interpersonal connected-ness.

The answer was almost unanimous: DEEP BREATHING. How remarkable that a process so simple could wield such profound power and have such possibilities for people who are more exaggeratedly blocked than many of us younger folks. My experience with these people has overwhelmingly reconfirmed my belief that the degree to which we allow the flow of life to breathe through our bodymind profoundly influences the degree to which we are in fact “alive”, regardless of age.”

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