Conscious Mindful Breathing Workshops

Our Conscious Mindful (CM) Breathing techniques will enable your employees or members to better manage stress, anxiety and fear as well as increase emotional stability, physical wellness and mental alertness.

Our workshops teach people simple and powerful breathing techniques which anyone can easily and quickly learn.  Whether your organization is a business, government agency, sport team or religious centre, we customize a training session to meet your specific needs.

“Conscious Breathing Techniques are proven more effective at restoring a sense of well-being and positive energy than many more complex approaches, including yoga, massage, counselling, meditation and Gestalt therapy.”      Ken Dychtwald Ph.D., SAGE Project, Berkeley CA.

Our Breath Workshop Will Teach You:

 Breathing techniques by doing them – not just hearing lectures

  • Highly participatory: 75 % of time spent practicing techniques
  • So simple yet extremely powerful
  • No special equipment required
  • Importance of the function of the diaphragm
  • How CM Breathing balances all nerve systems: Enteric, Phrenic, Vagus Para and Sympathetic systems
  • Learn at your own pace to achieve the benefits of Conscious Mindful Breathing

 Each participant receives The Dolly Lammy to take home as a visual aide to remember to breathe as often as possible.


Prepare Yourself for a WOW Experience

The Power and Benefits of Combining The Dolly Lammy With Conscious Mindful Breathing Technique

“The Conscious Mindful Breathing technique developed by Wolfgang (Wilf) is a major step forward in simplifying breath work so more people will be able to benefit from it often their daily lives.  I have witnessed the power of conscious breathing helping hundreds people achieve extraordinary breakthroughs in transforming past emotional hurts traumas, managing daily stresses and feeling more energized and confident.   Conscious Mindful Breathing techniques have led me to a higher level of personal fulfillment.  I know that it will also benefit many others.”      Henry Urion, Certified Transformational Breath Worker 

 “Beautiful Wolfgang, It was such an honor to work with you.  In fact, that experience has completely changed my life,  in the most wonderful ways. You certainly do have special healing powers and I am so grateful  . . ..  What a blessing!”    Danielle Birch, Kripalu Breath Immersion Conference

“I am the proud owner of a sacred Dolly Lammy Its message of ‘just breathe’ is remarkable. I have placed this inspirational companion right by my computer, ensuring that we have eye contact. Every glance reminds me to not only ‘just breathe’ but to breathe deeply, focus, and stay positive, The Dolly Lammy brings me inner peace.”     C. Covassin, Major Office Leasing Company   

“If we all learned how to breathe, it would be a different world.”   Oprah

  “Dear Wilf, the time spent with you ranks as one of the most valuable of my whole life.  I have entered a whole new level of caring for my body and spirit.  I have so much hope and joy where before there was a seemingly endless sorrow.  Thank you.”    Genevieve DePace Gruenig, Kripalu Breath Immersion Conference

  “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to  breathe correctly.”    Dr. Andrew Weil

  Wilf reminded me that all I had to do was to connect to my breath, and the inner child in me would be aligned with the man that I had become, and that the miracles and wonders that were meant for me would be revealed with ease and grace, beyond my wildest dreams.”    John Masiulionis, Buffalo, NY

 “I own and operate a yoga studio & wellness retreat.  I have been teaching yoga and leading wellness  retreats full time for the last 10 years. Recently, a client of mine came in to show me your  Dolly Lammy and I fell in love!”   Serena Arora, Founder of

A few nice deep breaths can be relaxing and is a quick and easy stress reliever.  So easy that you can do this anytime and anywhere.  When you do breathing exercises you will be less stressed and able to handle situations more easily.”    Marianne Ross, PH.D


Enhance Your Health, Emotional Stability and Mental Alertness Using Conscious Mindful (CM) Breathing Techniques 

  • Can be done ANYTIME and ANYWHERE
  • Quickly reduces the negative impact of stress
  • Easily learned, accepted and used by anyone
  • Can be done anytime without interrupting other activities
  • Our CM Breathing techniques benefit everyone because they can also be used at home to improve family life.

 The Dolly Lammy is a simple way to remind people to breathe.


 Types of Workshops Offered:

  •  Private individual or couples
  • Groups: company, church, health centre, school, team, etc.
  • Fund raising event for your organization


Cost of Workshop:  Based on location, number of participants and time.  Contact us for a quote.

We look forward to discussing our Conscious Mindful Breathing Workshops and how they can enhance your employees or members to manage stress effectively be more productive and greater benefit to themselves, their families and social organizations.


                               The Dolly Lammy

              “Helping you to remember to breathe.”

Empower yourself by breathing.  The diaphragm balances the thinking of your brain with the intelligence of your gut.” –The Dolly Lammy



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