The Dolly Lammy has been designed to act as a visual aide that will remind you to use the Conscious Mindful Breathing technique frequently.  It will help you with stress, memory retention, and concentration.

The 6-inch-tall Dolly Lammy is the result of an extensive design process and is small enough to take anywhere but large enough to catch your eye. Handmade of terry cloth and black and white velvet with double-seam binding for greater durability, it is weighted with an internal mesh bag of pellets that make it perfect for your desk, your dashboard, your yoga mat, or any place you find stressful.

The big belly reminds you to "Just Breathe" into your expanded belly-gut area rather than shallow chest breathing. Each Dolly Lammy comes with a set of simple Belly-Gut Breathing instructions.

Let the Dolly Lammy remind you to BREATHE Every Day. 

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