Childhood Stress: Signs of Stress

childhood stressAs we briefly mentioned in a previous blog post, though children can often be stressed, they may be too young or inexperienced with stress to recognize what their emotional and behavioral reactions stem from. It’s up to you to be on the lookout for the signs of stress. However, this can be quite challenging. As we learned from the American Psychological Association and Scholastic, stress may manifest in a variety of ways in children, so keep your eyes open for the following symptoms.

Sleeping Problems

Stress can affect a child’s sleep schedule in a number of dramatic ways. Worried thoughts can keep your kids up late at night or cause restless sleeping, leading to sleep deprivation. On the other side, sleep can become a reprieve and an escape from stress, leading to oversleeping or sleeping too often. Sleeping too much or too little can both lead to feeling tired throughout the day and feeling low on energy. Stress can also lead to bad dreams and nightmares as the negative mental strain manifests as restless dreams which can lead to even more sleep deprivation. [Read more…]

School Stress & Benefits of Deep Breathing

School Stress & Deep BreathingThe advantage of diaphragmatic breathing is the ease of its implementation. You just have to remember to breathe with your diaphragm, breathing down into your stomach when you breathe in, and then breathe up into your chest when you breathe out. You’re already breathing throughout the day (at least I hope you are), you just have to remember to breathe in the way that reduces stress. When changing your breath is all it takes to reduce stress, diaphragmatic breathing becomes the easiest solution for helping your kids deal with school stress. [Read more…]

Stress Management for Kids

Stress Management For KidsToday, stress has become as much a part of children’s lives as it is a part of adult life. School, homework, social pressures, family issues, and various other factors can all be overwhelmingly stressful for kids, especially when they lack the coping mechanisms that most adults already have.

It’s not always easy for a parent to know when their child is stressed. In kids, stress can often manifest as a stomach ache, as acting out in school, as trouble sleeping, as a lack of concentration, or as a whole host of other similar issues. Even when you know the culprit is stress, children might be unable to express how stress is affecting their lives. Or they are just unwilling to be straightforward with their parents about what is truly stressing them out.
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How to Deal With College Stress By Using Your Diaphragm – Let Me Show You How


College is an exciting time. It’s an opportunity to create new friendships, broaden horizons, and begin to carve out your path in life.

It’s also a time of new pressures and stresses. For many, it’s the first time living away from home without any immediate family to rely on. Then there are exams and deadlines, first dates and study groups, and for many students there are part time jobs and bosses to deal with too.

To say college is stressful is an understatement!

College stress is unavoidable. However remembering to activate the diaphragm while breathing, or belly breathing, is an easy and effective solution to help students manage stress

More than half of college students reported above average or tremendous stress levels in the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment. In addition, 30% of students say stress has a negative effect on academics. [Read more…]

Benefits of Deep Breathing: Six Secrets You Should Know

Benefits of Deep BreathingBetween the moments of birth and death we take countless breaths and barely give any of them a second thought.

I’d like to argue that by giving the breathe the attention it deserves we can help heal ourselves and live longer, healthier lives.

In a future blog post I’ll talk about the many mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits of deep breathing. For now, let’s focus on six physical benefits of deep breathing or more specifically diaphragmatic breathing. [Read more…]

Welcome to The Dolly Lammy Blog

benefits of deep breathingOur world is in the midst of profound change. Old systems are falling apart and new ones are forming. Stress is on the rise and many of us feel overwhelmed with day to day pressures. It can sometimes feel as if life is spinning out of control.

Despite the stresses of life in the 21st century – we have our breath.

Regardless of sex, race, religion, profession, or philosophy this commonality binds us. It’s through the breath that we can effectively manage stress and I believe, if done consistently, can help each of us find our own inner peace.
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